Scamvangelist Who “Laid Hands” On Trump Won’t Stop Services: We Have “13 Machines To Shoot Down Virus”

“The Lord has helped us to secure our congregation. We bought in 13 machines that basically kill every virus in the place. If somebody walks in the door, it’s like, it kills everything on them. If they sneeze, it shoots it down at like 100 mph. It’ll neutralize it in split seconds. So we have the most sterile building in, I don’t know, all of America.” – Scamvangelist Rodney Howard-Browne, who was among those who “laid hands” upon Trump in the Oval Office.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Pastor who performed at Howard-Browne’s church dies of coronavirus after calling it “mass hysteria” designed to hurt Trump. Howard-Browne vows to defy “ridiculous” bans on large gatherings. Howard-Browne says the coronavirus is a secret plot to “kill off many people with vaccines.” Howard-Browne says Jesus would “beat the crap” out of John Bolton. Howard-Browne says half of Congress performs human sacrifice and drinks blood. Howard-Browne says the CIA secretly trains ISIS at 49 US bases and ships them around the world. Howard-Browne says Hollywood is filled with cannibals who drink the blood of children. Howard-Browne issues a “restraining order” against the Antichrist to stop globalism.