Scamvangelist Who “Laid Hands” On Trump: The Virus Is A Secret Plot To “Kill Off Many People With Vaccines”

“All these churches that are allowing themselves to come down to 250 [congregants], guess what? When you try to meet again, you ain’t gonna be able to meet again. They are going to keep you at 250 because you gave up ground. You gave up ground. Whatever ground you give up because of fear, you will give up permanently.

“Because the climate change narrative for global governance failed. They are using the World Health Organization to then come in and take over the control of nations and then they are going to bring in vaccines. There’s going to be forced vaccines, which they can kill off many people with vaccines.

“It’s about population reduction because there are too many people on the planet, but with the correct vaccines we can shoot them and then they can die.” – Scamvangelist Rodney Howard-Browne, who told his followers to shake each others hands because they’re not “pansies.”

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