Pastor Who “Laid Hands” On Trump Issues Restraining Order Against The Antichrist To Stop Globalism [VIDEO]

Kyle Mantyla reports at Right Wing Watch:

During the final night of the week-long “Celebrate America” revival event that he recently held in Washington, D.C., Rodney Howard-Browne issued a “restraining order” to the Antichrist and the secret cabal that controls the world, spiritually binding their efforts to destroy America.

Howard-Browne, a right-wing pastor and radical conspiracy theorist who laid hands upon and prayed over President Trump in the Oval Office last year, declared that he had been ordered by God to “issue [this] restraining order, and this one is to do with these entities, these groups, the part of the cabal that is running the planet.”

“I take authority over every system that has been set in place by the globalist agenda to destroy America,” he proclaimed, “[and] to take this nation through our schools and our universities and our education system, from the day care all the way to the universities and even to the seminaries. I execute a restraining order against you.”

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