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BOLIVIA: New Penal Code Criminalizes Proselytizing

The Christian Times reports: Evangelical groups in Bolivia are voicing out their concerns about a new law that aims to ban proselytizing and other religious activities. The National Association of Evangelicals in Bolivia (ANDEB) has stated that the new Penal Code of Bolivia amounted to “state abuse” against Christians because it could ban evangelism and prevent them from organizing religious ...

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Christian Church Announces Plan To Launch Drone Strikes To Drop Thousands Of Bibles On Muslims

And thus it was foretold that the Holy Word would rain from the heavens in tiny electronic form. The Washington Post reports: The apparent logic of the Swedish church Livets Ord, or “Word of Life,” is that by using a tactic that simulates the airstrikes that have traumatized a region, they will bring light and love and maybe convert some ...

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