Georgia Teacher: I Taught A Student About The Power Of Jesus By Praying Over The School Vending Machine

The Freedom From Religion Foundation reports:

Jenny Savoy, a reading enrichment teacher at Richards Middle School in Gwinnett County, Ga., has been openly bragging on Facebook about using her position to convert students to Christianity. She runs a religious club at her middle school and regularly preaches to students. Disturbingly, Savoy described in detail in a Facebook post on Sept. 20 how she has been using the prayer club to lure students to her faith.

“I took her [an agnostic student] to the faculty vending machine to get a snack. Every time she put the last two coins in, the machine would spit them back out. She must have tried 5 times. I tried 2 more. Then I put my hand on the machine and said, ‘Jesus, please make this machine accept our money.’ She laughed, but I also saw curiosity on her face. I said, ‘I’m serious. He will do this just to show you He’s real. He cares about you.’ After I prayed, she put the coins in, and guess what happened!”

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