Dennis Prager: There Was No Insurrection, It’s A Farce

Media Matters has the transcript:

The farce upon farce is continuing. There was no insurrection and there is no president. They’re impeaching a non-president over an event that did not occur. Of course the riot occurred, but it wasn’t an insurrection. And if it wasn’t an insurrection, why is there a trial? So it’s based on a great lie.

I played for you the first hour Tucker Carlson on Fox News did research into the five killed or dead — that’s what they always say – five dead. None of them were killed, except one by a police officer whom they will not name.

.And we don’t know why she was killed. She was unarmed and entering the building through a window, which was wrong. But that’s not a capital offense to an enter a window unarmed.

So it’s interesting, to say the least. We’re living in a make believe world. A make believe world that the left creates of hysteria after hysteria.

Prager last appeared on JMG when he declared that President Obama has “zero masculinity.” Before that, we heard from him when he claimed that if the left really cared about black people, they’d tell them to “elevate their moral standards.” And prior to that, he appeared here when he lamented that nobody says “Negro” anymore and that he can’t use the N-word.