Dennis Prager: Barack Obama Has “Zero Masculinity”

“The absence of fathers is often emasculating. I think it happened to Barack Obama. I don’t mean to insult him because it’s not an insult, just a description. I find zero masculine about the man.

“And having had no father — a father not because the father died, it’s very different. The father voluntarily disappeared. That is — has an effect on the vast majority of males.

“You get your masculinity in large measure from the adult males in your life. And the loathing of the masculine male is a part of the loathing of Donald Trump. It’s not everything but it’s a big part.

“And I only realized this one day ago. This is my twenty-four-hour anniversary of that realization.” – Dennis Prager, today on his radio show.

Prager last appeared on JMG when he declared that if the left really cared about black people, they’d tell them to “elevate their moral standards.” Prior to that, he appeared here when he lamented that nobody says “Negro” anymore and that he can’t use the N-word.