Christian Prophetess: Depression Is Caused By Demons

Just in from self-proclaimed prophetess Kathy DeGraw:

Depression is certainly a demonic stronghold. It can come in through trauma, torment, abuse, medical illness, grief, loss or a generational curse. Evil spirits do not desire for us to live in the fullness and freedom of Christ. They are out to “steal and kill and destroy” (John 10:10). Behind depression is a luring spirit seducing you to think negatively and be heavy. It is a mind-binding spirit that is locking your mind down in a depressed state. It sort of paralyzes you in your thinking.

In order to conquer these demonic attacks, we need to first of all identify the entry point and root cause. Break agreement with a spirit of depression. Speak audibly, “I break agreement with depression, in Jesus’ name.” Declare that out audibly several times a day for weeks if you have to in order to break its foothold in your life. Cast out the correlating demons. Put on a garment of praise! Pray! Worship! Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you up and renew your mind. Trust Jesus to be your deliverer.

Yesterday Prophetess DeGraw revealed to us that Jesus performed her root canal, enabling her to enjoy dessert in her favorite restaurant. Before that, DeGraw appeared on JMG when she warned that “Satanists and witches” take power over your children when they eat cursed Halloween candy. And prior to that, we heard her warning about demons in backyard swimming pools.