Christian Site Weighs In On Demons In Swimming Pools

Charisma News, the site best known here for its anti-witchcraft tutorials, its claim that the lifespan of gays is shortened by 20 years, and its warning that burning breakfast eggs can summon demons, returns today to their favorite topic.

An excerpt from “prophetic minister” Kathy Degraw:

I just finished swimming laps in the hotel pool. I get some of my best revelation from the Lord in the water. I feel like He draws me there to speak to me. I spent weeks in my pool late at night receiving downloads of information from the Lord. Afterward, I would have to go inside and journal.

I’ve been told by people to stay away from the water because of marine spirits. I’ve been told to be careful and not to have an unhealthy attraction to water. If I have to be careful of water, does that mean I can’t drink it or that I have to pray over my water before consuming it?

I know the spiritual realm is real, alive and active. I am a deliverance minister. I can see demons on buildings, in cities, on people, so much that when I go on a date with my husband, I pray and ask the Lord to turn off my seer ability for the evening so we can simply relax and have a good time.

At the link you’ll see that Degraw concludes that while she can see demons virtually everywhere she looks, there probably aren’t any in her swimming pool. Because reasons.