Christian Prophetess: Jesus Performed My Root Canal

Today’s dose of crazy, courtesy of Charisma Magazine:

Prophetic minister Kathy DeGraw recalls a time when she went to a conference, and the leaders were praying healing over the congregation. She needed healing for her teeth, and she received it. “I knew I needed a dental miracle because I was struggling with a root issue,” DeGraw says.

“And I physically reached my arm up into the spiritual realm. I grabbed it. I slapped my mouth, and I said, ‘That’s mine. I’m receiving that one.’ And I felt the Spirit of God come on me so much that my husband and I ended up having dessert at a restaurant after the conference, and I was still intoxicated by the presence of the Lord.”

DeGraw last appeared on JMG when she warned that “Satanists and witches” take power over your children when they eat cursed Halloween candy. Prior to that, we heard her warning about demons in backyard swimming pools.