Christian “Prophet” Thinks Trump Junior Might Run For President With JFK Jr. (Who Faked His Plane Crash)

Kyle Mantyla reports at Right Wing Watch:

A few weeks ago, Mark Taylor, the so-called “firefighter prophet,” claimed that God had told him that President Trump is not going to be the only member of the Trump family elected to the White House.

At the time, Taylor didn’t know who the next Trump president would be, but since then, he claims that God gave him a dream suggesting that Donald Trump Jr. could follow his father into the Oval Office … and just might do so by running on a ticket with John F. Kennedy Jr.

Those who might understandably wonder how JFK Jr. could possibly make a run for the White House given that he died in a plane crash 20 years ago are obviously not familiar with the right-wing conspiracy theory that states that he faked his death and is now a key part of the QAnon movement through which he is working with President Trump to take down the deep state.

The leading proponent of the “JFK Jr. faked his death” batshittery is QAnon nutbag Liz Crokin, about whom I’ve reported several times. (Crokin never seems to mention what happened to the two passengers on his plane.)

Taylor, the subject of a fawning 2018 Liberty University docudrama and a regular guest on Jim Bakker’s show, says he’s shared his “prophetic dream” with Crokin.

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