Christian Prophet: Democrats Sent Hurricane Michael To Florida’s Panhandle To Help “Communist” Candidate

Just last week self-proclaimed Christian prophet Mark Taylor, who is the subject of a new movie produced by Liberty University, declared that Hurricane Michael was created by Democrats as “absolute retaliation” for the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Today he has a different story.

“This is not coincidence that this is hitting the panhandle of Florida, folks. The panhandle of Florida is the most conservative part of Florida. I’ve been saying this for a long time: pray for Texas, pray for Florida, there is a direct assault on these two states because Florida is a swing state and they are trying to turn Florida blue. Also, that guy Gillum, who is a communist, who is running for governor of Florida, they’re trying to get him in by taking away that red vote up there. This is an all-out assault to try and steer these elections. They’re going to do anything they can between now and the elections. It’s going to be very intense right now, and we need to be in prayer over that.”

Last month Taylor revealed that liberals had created Hurricane Florence because the storm would “flood out the evidence” of voter fraud by North Carolina’s Democrats. Taylor is a regular guest on Jim Bakker’s slop buckets show, where the audience shouts “amen” at his prophecies.

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