Christian Prophet: Demonic Eric Holder Is Posting Mind Control On Twitter To Activate Assassins To Kill Trump

“He changed his Twitter background to you see him standing there with his arms crossed in front of JFK’s grave site and he’s got his hands together with his two fingers, like he is giving a code. People aren’t stupid. It looks like there is something being given off in the spirit by what he is doing. These guys have code words, they have symbolism, they don’t have to come right out and say something to activate these people. These guys are totally demonic when it comes to this stuff. They’re using the mind control, they are using the activation codes to activate these guys.” – Self-proclaimed prophet Mark Taylor, about whom Liberty University just released a movie.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Mark Taylor claims Democrats created Hurricane Michael to help “communist” Andrew Gillum suppress votes in Florida’s panhandle. Mark Taylor claims liberals created Hurricane Michael as retaliation for Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Mark Taylor claims liberals created Hurricane Florence to wash away evidence of voter fraud in North Carolina. Mark Taylor claims that John McCain was secretly executed for treason by a military tribunal on Trump’s orders. Mark Taylor predicts that liberals will create hurricanes during the midterms to suppress pro-Trump voters. Mark Taylor predicts that God will have former presidents executed for daring to criticize Trump. Mark Taylor declares that Trump will release the secret cures for cancer and Alzheimer’s during his second term. Mark Taylor reveals that Freemasons are using a secret frequency to make people hate Trump. Mark Taylor reveals that God personally gave him a secret prayer that “jams the radar” of Democrats.