Christian Site: How To Stop Illuminati Witches From Controlling Your Mind With Sound Waves This Easter

Charisma News is out with yet another of their super-helpful anti-witchcraft tutorials:

Ex-witch Beth Eckert recently conducted a study on the Easter season, and what she discovered really forced her to grapple with the truth about the Easter season. Yes, resurrection Sunday is a time to rejoice in our Savior breaking the confines of death. And while Satan lost his power that day, he’s still out to try to twist the meaning to whomever is willing to listen. Watch out for these signs Eckert mentions in her video.

Beth has a lot to say about self-flagellation, Mardi Gras orgies, Lent, and the Illuminati, who are “sending out mind control high-frequency sound waves to the masses.”

Apparently, we’ve all got “implanted devices” to receive these transmissions. Praise! Glory!