Pam Geller: Totalitarian Hillary Clinton Has Vowed To Shut Down Breitbart To Enforce Sharia Law [AUDIO]

Via Right Wing Watch:

In an interview with St. Louis radio host Jamie Allman today, anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller claimed that Hillary Clinton has declared that she will “shut down” if she becomes president, a nonexistent declaration that Geller said represented “the Sharia” and “totalitarianism.”

Geller started out by attacking Secretary of State John Kerry’s remark at a press conference in Bangladesh in which he said that “[p]erhaps the media would do us all a service if they didn’t cover [terrorist acts] quite as much” because aspiring terrorists know that they’ll be able to “make some noise.” This, Geller declared, “is the language of the conquered.”

“And partner this,” she added, “with last week’s declaration in an email from Hillary Clinton that she’s going to shut down, for example, the number one conservative website, Breitbart, which as you know I write for, I mean, this is the Sharia, this is totalitarianism, this is very frightening. And what’s even more frightening is that the media’s not talking about it because they’re marching in lockstep, Jamie.”

As you surely recall, it’s Donald Trump who has vowed reprisals against the press by “opening up” libel laws so he can sue them out of existence.

  • barracks9

    Enough projection that they could screen IMAX movies of the surface of the moon.

    I need a drink – anyone want to meet me at the bar? I’ll get the first round.

    • Librarykid

      I would, but it is obvious that this “pitcher” is cracked.

    • Rex

      Bourbon and ginger, I’ll be right there.

      • Trans Batwoman ;)

        Bourbon is my go to, I like Blanton’s over just about any other. What is your favorite? I’m always looking to try something new 🙂

        • Jay George

          The Stoli is in the freezer sweetie darlings.

        • Rex

          The wet liquid kind.

      • Joe in PA

        hold the ginger. 😉

      • Mark

        Botany Bay Rum, thank you.

    • coram nobis

      A pint of IPA.

    • BearEyes

      Ketel One martini, olives, straight up.

      • another_steve

        A gentleman does not indulge in vodka martinis.

        Gin is what constitutes a martini.

        Beefeater Gin, to be precise.

        • BearEyes

          I’ve tried it. Just can’t get past the juniper taste.

          • another_steve

            After the second Beefeater Martini, I’d eat the berries right off the juniper bushes.

          • Uncle Mark

            …well that explains the naked men hiding in your juniper bushes. The neighbors were wondering.

          • TK

            Try Tanqueray Ten… no juniper flavor. Lemony. Very smooth.

        • greenmanTN

          The first time I got REALLY drunk it was on gin and I was sick as a dog. To this day I can’t even smell gin without feeling ill.

          • another_steve

            Lol. Funny, that. Lots of people report that to this day they can’t stomach the first alcohol type that they got really really sick on.

            For me it’s vodka. When I was 19 I got really really ill on Screwdrivers. Like, almost pass-out ill. To this day I can’t do vodka.

            I’m not even crazy about orange juice anymore. 😉

    • Christopher

      Jameson neat. Actually, make it a double with an IV. No reason to waste any time lifting the glass.

    • TimJ

      I’ll take a pass, too drunk to find the door right now.

    • Carl

      She’s just making shit up. You can’t reason with people like this.

    • grindstone

      Prosecco and gin (a discount French 75) with a twist.

    • JCF
  • joeyj1220

    god that photo… that’s what crazy looks like right there

    • Rex

      She’s all that and a bottle of Xanax.

    • another_steve

      A thousand lesbians reading here just turned straight.

    • McSwagg

      She must be related to Michele Bachmann. They have the same eyes.

  • bkmn


  • Meth-fueled paranoia, from the looks of it.

  • Skokieguy [Larry]

    Pammie, how do ya’ feel about Peter Thiel shutting down Gawker? Sharia or just market forces at work?

    And if you’re going to invent and spout made up shit about Hillary, why not get more inventive?

    Hillary caught in scissoring with martian women
    Hillary vows to ban Ranch Dressing
    In a bid to win the support of gay theater lovers, Hillary vows to force Fox to change its name to Fox Newsies.

  • bambinoitaliano

    There is a need to keep these nut jobs in the internment camp after the election. They have lost every sense of reality. A harm to the general population and to themselves.

    • Hank

      I say we should just send them to Gitmo and see what the “Sharks and the Jets” can do too each other!!! /s

      • Librarykid

        That ought to go smoothly.

    • Rex

      My hope is that after Hillary is elected their heads will actually explode.

      • BudClark

        MUCH larger Lithium suppositories needed all round. Invest in lithium stocks before they skyrocket!

  • Michael Smith

    Breitbart has done a fine job of damaging the GOP. Why would Hillary want to shut it down?

    • Whiskered Sot

      How could the President, or any government official, shut down a website? Is there child porn on it?

      • Uncle Mark

        I’m sure Milo will post the child porn soon enough. Oh wait…that’s just a pic of Trump’s schmekel. Nevermind.

        • Mark

          But didn’t tRump contribute to NAMBLA? I mean, I’ve read it on the internet so it must be true and he hasn’t released his tax returns, so…….

          • Uncle Mark

            I’ve heard that NAMBLA advertises on Breitbart. It certainly explains Breitbart’s support of Trump, as well as Breitbart’s Bannon becoming Trump’s campaign CEO.

          • B Snow

            I’m almost sure I read somewhere on the internet that Trump launders his Russian bribe money through Breitbart so he can donate it to NAMBLA. But I see now, Donald Trump pays for NAMBLA to advertise on Breitbart. I mean, I dunno if it’s true, but everyone is saying it. I just read it on the internet.

          • Uncle Mark

            Clearly, that HAS to be TRUE, otherwise Pam wouldn’t be so afraid of getting Breitbart shut down. Being intimately involved in NAMBLA, international child sex trade, and Russian money could be the only reasons that President Hillary Clinton could have for legally seeking the end of Breitbart.

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          • Pilot Nozzle

            I’ve been reading about the Drumpf/NAMBLA connection for weeks online, it has been confirmed multiple times.

        • Pollos Hermanos

          I’m sure Milo’s dick looks YUUUUGE when Trumps tiny hands are jerking it off.

          • Uncle Mark

            I just threw up in my mouth with that image. No Jenny Craig for me tonight. No need.

    • Carl

      And when are they going to figure out we are not trying to shut right wing media down because we’re not scared of them? Mostly the just make us embarrassed for our country.

  • Hank

    Pam, Pam, Pam…. You can say it all you want, but we know the truth….

    • Talisman

      Someone should have done the follow-ups….

  • pch1013

    Tertiary syphilis.

  • BearEyes

    what aren’t enough people pointing and laughing at this udder nonsense?

    • TrollopeReader


      • BearEyes


  • The Milkman

    She seems nice.

  • shellback

    Honey, Ask your doctor if Straitjacket is right for you.

    • Librarykid

      along with Thorazine. She’s another Reagan street orphan who should be hospitalized.

  • Gustav2

    Why would the next president shut down the best way to monitor the crazy?

  • Oikos

    If only.

  • Rex

    STFU bitch.
    Rational people proceed.

  • Bruno

    O/T: Monmouth poll has Clinton 43, tRump 38, Johnson 7, Stein 3 in Wisconsin. The Marquette law school poll has Clinton up by 5 as well today, down from 10 earlier this month.

    • thom

      Polls are definitely getting tighter.enough to begin worrying about. but, knowing Trump’s penchant for self-sabotage it would be a perfect time for him to have a royal cock up in Mexico

      • Bruno

        One reason the polls are getting tighter is tRump isn’t losing support anymore, though not really gaining either. The Conway era seems to be working for him. The self-sabotage has been to a minimum (the Wade cousin tweet seems to have had no effect at all). I don’t know that Clinton can rely on his self-sabotaging anymore at this point.

  • Rex

    What is THIS bitch mainlining?

    • vorpal


      • JCF

        You can’t blame Jesus for this one!

    • Jay George

      Not lithium, that’s for sure.

    • BudClark

      Some past-its-sell-by-date BAD bath salts.

    • Jerry

      The Kool-aid made by Coulter…

  • delk
    • pch1013

      Not OT at all.

    • coram nobis

      On topic: Rotten Tomatoes’ worst movie so far is HILLARY’S AMERICA: THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY (2016) by Dinesh D’Souza. Sounds like a re-make of Plan 9 from Outer Space, or Medea: The Musical.

    • MB
      • BobSF_94117

        Sharks Without a Plane!!!

        [Wait a minute. That’s snakes. Never mind.]

    • Acronym Jim

      I love that Ghostbusters is at #27 with a solid 73% approval rating.

  • coram nobis

    A few sandwiches and a pickle jar short of a picnic.

    • Sam_Handwich

      hey what the hell is that supposed to mean?

      • coram nobis

        A variant on a “few sandwiches short of a picnic,” present company not included. A few bibles short of a church. A few marbles short of a game.

        Meaning, “she couldn’t pass a sanity test given by G. Gordon Liddy.”

        • Sam_Handwich

          i’m just kidding with you, Mr Nobis 😀

          • coram nobis


        • Rex

          My favorite is “a few fries short of a Happy Meal.”

          • Jay George

            I have a friend who says, “her cornbread ain’t done.” 😀

          • Rex

            In Pam’s case, the oven isn’t even on.

      • Joe in PA

        Calm down Candidate Sandwich. Sheesh. LOL

        • TrollopeReader

          Uh oh. Sounds like Sam_Handwich is sad. Have an olive!

          • Joe in PA

            I’m thinking a hearty dollop of mayonnaise!

          • TrollopeReader

            I like 99.9995 % of sandwich fixings —-except mayonnaise!! Ugh !!


    • ByronK

      The wheel is going around but the hamster’s dead.

  • HZ81

    They’re always obsessed with a “tyranny” that never comes. Well, I hope Hillary does shit Breitbart down, then puts right-wingers in hobo camps. Go full metal Cersei Lannister on them! Give them what they want

  • bkmn

    O/T – has anyone heard from John Hagee and buttbuds? Aug. 30th came and went and I saw nothing about the appearance of the anti-christ as Hagee predicted.

    It is important we remind him and his followers that he is a fraud.

    • MB

      IKR. We’ve been HAD, I tell ya, HAD !!!

    • Jay George

      They’ll lay low awhile and wait for people to forget about it then do it all over again. My mother falls for it every time. When I remind her about the last time they failed in a catastrophic prediction and she just looks puzzled. Maybe they’re hypnotizing folks over the airwaves or the dried food slop buckets are tainted with forgetful drugs or maybe loads and loads of people are just that stupid…

  • fuzzybits

    I think the botox has seeped into her brain.

    • another_steve

      If botox did that, Donald Trump would have no female surrogates whatsoever.

      (And no wives.)

  • Ninja0980

    Projection anyone?

  • Rusty Redfield

    Pam, honey, what you do for Breitbart isn’t writing — that’s typing.

    • Uncle Mark

      Actually, whatever she does, she does it with Crayolas, so I don’t think you can call it typing…..DAMMIT, PAM…WHAT ARE THESE CRAYONS DOING MELTED IN MY KEYBOARD ?!!!

  • Mark Neé Fuzz

    It’s like these people are running a contest to see who can be the craziest. Maybe it’s another Trump reality TV series – The Biggest Loon.

  • Sam_Handwich

    • Jay George

      I think she’s getting ready to cast a Level 75 STFU spell.

      • thatotherjean

        Too bad it didn’t work.

    • vorpal

      “Avada Kedavra!”

    • 2patricius2

      The Virgin Mary!

  • Frostbite

    Isn’t it a sin to lie? Someone’s going to HELL!!!!

    • Talisman

      IOKIYAR…and lying for jeebus.

      • Adam King

        I thought Geller was Jewish.

        • Menergy

          Jesus was Jewish by birth, I thought…… 😉

          • Adam King

            I dunno. Oddly enough, I can’t really bring myself to care, not even a little.

    • Ben in Oakland

      no such thing as hell, no such thing as sin.
      but there is being Geller.

      • Frostbite

        well they’re always preaching about jeebus. they should remember he’s always watching, even when they pee and don’t wash their hands!

  • Proud MOFO Beaner (bkb)

    I fully support Hillary’s totalitarian agenda if it will just shut these assholes the fuck up already. Round ’em up, Hillz!

  • geoffalnutt

    She needs to have some sense knocked into her…by a speeding bus.

    • fuzzybits

      I think she already kissed one.

  • Rex

    Are all radio talk programs right wing nutcases?

    • bambinoitaliano

      Many of them can’t contained their physical outrage within the frame of a television screen.

      • coram nobis

        Q. Doesn’t television stretch the imagination?
        STAN FREBERG: Only by 21 inches.

    • The_Wretched

      Nearly all and it’s not an accident and it’s not from market forces. There’s massive concentration in ownership of the radio stations (clear channel is one). They fire or close down leftish or even moderate stations and put up bloviators. They then say the absolute number of listeners is high so they made the right business choice due to the market. What they are lying or obfuscating is that content from other parts of the political spectrum does just as well when the # of carrying stations and time blocks are equally available (or not better in some cases).

      • Rex

        There’s no doubt.
        I do try to tune into NPR while I’m driving, but it’s a hazard because it makes me sleepy.

    • coram nobis

      Seems to be a real job qualification. Takes real talent; I’d hate to see the auditions. Probably a mashup of Springtime for Hitler and the Gong Show.

  • bambinoitaliano
  • Lawerence Collins

    The right wing GOP thugs selling fear.
    The Neo Liberalist establishment Left selling faux hope.

  • Marides48

    “…this is very frightening….”. Not as frightening as her face in the photo.

  • PickyPecker
    • Menergy

      Hilarious job! 🙂

  • SU – Root

    The right wing was already pushed into delusions by Fox News, where they don’t trust any news sources that don’t prove their conspiracy theories as legitimate. Now Trump has moved them even further. How can they possibly recover from this? it will be impossible.

  • MB
  • boatboy_srq

    I don’t think there’s a cinema or screen big enough for that projection.

  • SunsetGay

    Bitch. We will do whatever it takes to support Breitbart’s free speech because it will convince civil-minded Americans that your side is batshit crazy and therefore Sharia Law will no longer be a problem any of us have to worry about.

  • vorpal

    ZOMG!!! Hark! Off in the distance…
    …is that the Sharias I hear coming ever closer?
    Buy your Blue Tarp of Protection +5 and hide!

    Imagine if we could use Pamela Geller’s imagination for good rather than for blithering nonsense.

  • SU – Root

    “The media isn’t talking about it” because that sh*t is crazy. If mainstream media isn’t talking about it, it is probably not really worth talking about, as far as things that are in reality goes.

  • Oikos
    • safari

      I heard she has memos. Memos.

      • And a Foundation named after her and her husband. And conveniently, the media never reports what the Foundation actually DOES around the world, because that would completely ruin all the sinister insinuations.

        • 2patricius2

          Maybe someone should ask the media persons calling for the shutdown of the Foundation: “Why do you want people with HIV to die?”

          • Why? So you can watch media people pretend to care about people who are poor and/or sick?

  • PickyPecker
    • another_steve

      Our next Demon-in-Chief.

  • another_steve

    When Hillary enforces Sharia law, will I no longer be allowed to lick my husband’s nipples?

    • Rex

      Just not in public.

  • Rick Jackson

    Just a gentle reminder there is a difference between lying intentionally and suffering from paranoid delusions. I’m not sure which is happening in this case. I’m still waiting fr my medical degree from Trumps U’s school of Long-Distance-Never-had–the-Opportunity-to-Evaluate-You-in-Person Psychiatry.

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    It’s not too late for Geller to redeem herself. She could still donate her brain to science and maybe someday they’ll find a cure for whatever it is that she has.

    • Rex

      A cure for stupid?
      Good luck with that.

  • Clive Johnson

    “…the language of the conquered.”

    Yup, every morning I’m required to get on my knees facing east and participate in Muslims prayers.

    Somehow I don’t have to wear a beard.

    Puzzlingly, the US Constitution has not be replaced with sharia law.

    In fact, the Muslim conquering is so discreet and subtle it seems to require smashing your head with a stone Bible to see it.

  • fuzzybits
  • Rebecca Gardner

    I think her Thorazine Rx needs to be upped again.

  • FAEN

    No matter how many times I hear this BS it always amazes me that other human being believe this crackpottery.

    More American Civics classes maybe in the schools so Americans understand how government works? Maybe yes?

    • Civics doesn’t appear on many standardized tests, so lots of schools have simply stopped teaching those courses.

      • McSwagg

        Ah yes. The “No Child Gets Ahead” law from ‘W’. It was based on the Texas Education Miracle (as in, it’s a miracle that any child in Texas gets an education). I saw it all up close and personal in all its corrupt glory.

    • Spongebob CrankyPants

      It’s is sad, but human beings always believe the unbelievable and the negative. We humans don’t remember the good people do, only the bad things they’ve done.

  • Tigernan Quinn

    Never forget that Gellar has been quoted by more than one mass shooter.

    • pch1013

      Especially Breivik. For whom she has a perpetual lady boner.

  • BobSF_94117

    Do they make sound-proof burqas for harpies?

  • For some reason today, I’ve reached peak saturation of crazy.

    I just want this election to be over with so I can either breathe a sigh of relief or start packing while we look for a Canadian immigration attorney.

    • Menergy


  • barrixines
  • lymis

    Hillary has said things (not directly quoting here) like Breitbart being supportive of totalitarian, anti-American, racist, sexist, and homophobic views. And that as president, she wants to work with everyone to make sure those views aren’t the ones that run the country.

    That’s wildly different from vowing to shut down a website.

    That’s a distinction a lot of conservatives seem to miss.

    To quote a bumper sticker:
    Not everything that’s wrong should be prohibited.

    Of course, the flip side, one that is a temptation for a lot of us liberals to stay vigilant about is that not everything that’s right needs to be mandatory, either.

  • Marti386

    GEEZ. And I though Bachmann had crazy eyes.

  • thom

    ot:// another day another poll showing significant tightening in the race. this time in Wisconsin. two A rated polls released today.
    Monmouth likely voters is Clinton +5
    Marquette likely voters is Clinton +3
    Marquette is the go to poll for Wisconsin earlier this month they had Clinton with a double digit lead

    • The reason for all this?

      (1) Trump cavorts with racists, white supremacists, and xenophobes, including hiring the poster-boy for the violent radical right, Steve Bannon.
      (2) Clinton, once again, quotes Trump and Breitbart-dot-com (as run by Bannon) accurately, noting the sheer unfathomable vile racism and hate.
      (3) Media dutifully reports “Clinton, Trump clash over race. Clinton contributes to race to the bottom in election.” Return to step 1.

      I’ve long since concluded that the entire monstrous Trump candidacy is a 50/50 collaboration between the Republican party and the media with it’s addiction to ratings and eschewing journalism in favor of pundits and both-siderism.

      • thom

        amen. the new polls today seem to worry nate silver a bit too. right after Marquette released their poll he tweeted this…
        “Repeating myself a bit, but people underrate how fragile Clinton’s Electoral College advantage will be if the race keeps tightening overall.”

  • Paula

    The years have not been kind to Pam.

    • Brian

      Looks like cheap fillers and some ‘work’ that was left to age unnaturally.

      Or maybe that’s just what happens when your crazy metastasizes in your face.

      • Paula

        I think they used Bondo on her face.

        • Brian

          LOL I dunno, you can at least sand Bondo smooth. There’s likely no fixing that mug 😉

          • Paula

            The doctor may have run out of discs for the rotary sander. That would take extra coarse grade discs.

    • Mikey

      neither has the genetic lottery.
      at least not in the intelligence department.

  • ByronK

    Instead of trying to host a Muhammad Cartoon Contest, she should just offer a reward to anyone who can find her sanity.

  • Falconlights

    Man, that woman just looks insane. Sadly, there are other insane people who believe her.

  • JT

    Brain eating zombie Pam Geller is being probed on a UFO.

  • Jack_Carter_USA

    Does this “declaration in an email from Hillary Clinton that she’s going to shut down, for example, the number one conservative website, Breitbart” actually exist or did Geller hallucinate it? I suspect the latter.

    • Falconlights

      Me, too. Pam Geller hallucinates most if not all of what she spouts.

    • McSwagg

      The teahadis have been conditioned to salivate at the sound of the word ’email’, so she had to work that into the story for maximum effect.

  • Mark_in_MN

    Assume for the sake of argument that Hillary Clinton were going to shut down Breitbart, how would that be “sharia law?” Or, in other words, you keep using that phrase but have not even the foggiest clue what it means.

    • thatotherjean

      Sure she does. It means “Scary stuff I don’t like.”

    • McSwagg

      All Breitbart has to do is move their operations to Oklahoma where Sharia Law has been outlawed by the state legislature. They’ll be safe there.

  • Randy

    I would think this was funnier if thousands of Hillary Haters had not already accepted it absolute truth, which they likely have.

  • Neely OHara

    I thought decent plastic surgeons hid the scars in the natural folds of the skin — Geller must have gotten her face done at the local Jiffy Lube…

  • chris james

    I think Hillary, like the rest of us, tend to ignore fools like Breibart who have nothing intelligent to say.

  • Stubenville

    Seriously, someone needs to stage an intervention. These are not the words of a sane person.

  • Tor

    So what did Clinton actually write in her email? Anything at all similar to Geller’s claim?

    • 2patricius2

      Was there even an email?

      • Tor

        Who knows? It’s probably only in Pam’s fevered brain.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    I was challenged by another JMG reader/commenter as to why I don’t use kindly language when addressing women of a certain political bent……I now offer you exhibit A.

    Let me repeat this so there’s no confusion: your genitals, orientation, race, religion and/or any other quality does mean you are automatically bestowed respect, it must be earned.

  • Brianna Amoré

    She’s baaaack!

  • BudClark

    This person is quite mad.

    One of the first things (among about a million) that President Hillary Clinton needs to address is restoring our mental health system, destroyed by mentally ill Ronald Reagan.


    All those desperate people on the streets didn’t spring full-grown from Zeus’s brow. They are the detritus of capitalism and countless wars and “police actions.”

    They once had friends, families, homes.

    Not addressing this crisis is a scandal … not to mention the fact that Pam Geller is allowed out without a keeper.

  • edrex

    Are we sure she’s not actually Michelle Bachman?

  • NancyP

    Woman, haven’t you noticed Clinton making speeches ridiculing the stupid things said on Tinfoil TV? Just like LGBT loved the crazy display of the Phelps kin – best publicity for demonstrating “animus” – Hillary gets mileage out of showing the crazy of the current “mainstream” Republicans.

  • Matt

    I’d love to see this woman define “sharia law” in public with no reference material available to help. Bet she couldn’t even come close to doing it.

  • My question for the day is this:

    Is all this really happening or am I hallucinating? Because if it’s the latter I needed to call 911 some time ago.

    How did this spiral this far out of control. Some of these people that we mock are fringe people that before social media just got ignored 99.9% of the time. But some of these idiots have national tv shows or are elected officials!!!

  • Canadian Observer

    Can Sharia be all bad if it meant Pam Geller would only ever be allowed out of doors if she was covered in a Burka? (Still looking for the surah that specifies the rabid should be muzzled)

  • greenmanTN

    It isn’t that what Pam Gellar, Michelle Bachmann say, if literally insane, but there are people out there who buy into it.

  • Javier Smith

    What the EFF is going on ??? Its like they all have some weird form of Tourette’s where they just say any crazy thing that enters their mind..

  • Teabilly Nutbags

  • anne marie in philly

    “Hillary Clinton has declared that she will ‘shut down’ if she becomes president” – bitch says this like it’s a bad thing! I would LOVE to see this h8 rag go outta business!

  • Mark

    And hopeuflly Hillary will enact the stupid nasty twit law – and round up degenerative bitches like Geller – and vaporize them to kingdom come – and went.

  • Orly

    That picture… LOL 🙂

  • canoebum

    We need stronger non-voluntary commitment laws in this country. It shows a lack of compassion to allow people such as this, and others similarly afflicted, to wander through society without proper care and treatment, the kind of treatment that can only be delivered in a locked mental ward.

  • Dee

    Shit. I thought I saw Caitlyn Jenner and thought what the hell is she doing there?!

  • Richard B

    Pam Geller is a lunatic and she is just raising the temperature and adding in some of her spice into the political stew pot this season..

  • CharlestonDave

    She’s giving Crazy Eyes a run for her money.

  • JCF

    It’s time to bring back the “51/50” and “Get The Net” tags.

  • Florencejsolberg1

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  • AJ Drew

    yeah, yeah, and Hillary will confiscate your guns, and force you to have an abortion even if you’re not pregnant, and even if you’re a man, cuz she’s Hillary and, and… it doesn’t matter if that makes no sense, Hillary just will do… that. bbpt.

  • Michael Hampton

    Wow. She just swirls into a tizzy over how important she seems to think she is, doesn’t she.

  • karmanot

    Geller makes a case for times when a burka should be worn.