QAnon Prophet: When Fuel Can’t Be Purchased, We’ll “Pray Over Our Cars And They’ll Run On Empty Tanks”

QAnon “prophet” Dave Hayes posts on Telegram:

There is no reason to panic just because a handful of globalists shills have announced their intent to starve us to death and destroy our economies.

For the last 4 months, I’ve been teaching how to operate in the miraculous— how to heal the sick, how to multiply food, and how to have faith for other miracles. Every day, we read testimonies from people who have learned to live as heirs of a supernatural kingdom.

Why do you think I began teaching these things in November? I did it because I expected Joe Biden and his handlers to make good on their promise to give us a “dark winter.”

As corrupt globalists try to enslave us, God will bring the hammer of justice down on their heads. As they try to starve us, we’ll multiply the food we have. When fuel can’t be purchased, we’ll pray over our cars and they’ll run for days on empty gas tanks.

In the coming months, God will show himself strong to anyone who puts their trust in Him. The just shall live by faith. Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.

Hayes first appeared on JMG in 2019 when he declared that Trump was going to execute so many Democrats, the US would “look like Saudi Arabia.”

We then heard from him what he revealed that God told him that if Trump stops the deep state, the End Times might be averted

Days later Hayes let us know that God told him Trump will destroy the mainstream media and replace it with “MAGA media.”

His most recent appearance here came when he prophesied that God will will have the military remove Biden from office.