Christian “Prophet”: Trump Might Stop The End Times

“If Trump manages to get rid of the deep state, if Trump manages to get rid of the Rothschilds, George Soros, and all of the people that are funding wars, then if Trump manages to destroy this globalist agenda, he is going to destroy the New World Order. This is what it would be like if heaven were on earth. No sickness, no disease, no poverty, no lack of anything. Just abundance, total abundance.

“I think Trump’s presidency should make every person go back to the Bible and read the prophetic books—Daniel, the book of Revelation—and get a different understanding because if [Trump] takes down the deep state, if he destroys the globalist agenda, if he gets rid of the Rothschilds and all of these corrupt people, we have a completely different system.” – Self-declared prophet and QAnon nutbag Dave Hayes.

Last month Hayes declared that Trump will arrest and execute his enemies, including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, saying “it’s going to look like Saudi Arabia.” Hayes has 185,000 Twitter followers, see below.