Christian Radio Host: All Asians Look Alike To Me

“I can’t tell, they all look alike to me. Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan, what’s the difference? This guy [Andrew Yang] is pure beta male. Beta male! And he’s a communist and he’s from a communist country. I believe it’s China. It sounds like China; Taiwan or wherever he came from.

“And so I’m saying that’s not allowed in America, go back to where you came from. I’m not changing that just because you don’t like the truth.” – Christian radio host Jesse Lee Peterson, once against demonstrating the everlasting love of Jesus Christ. Yang was born in upstate New York.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Peterson says men should not marry “educated women” as women should be cooking and cleaning, not seeking degrees. Peterson says Brett Kavanaugh isn’t a real man because his kids are all girls and “real men make boys first.” Peterson says Roy Moore’s Senate loss proves that black Democrats don’t believe in God. Peterson says that women who accuse Trump of sexual assault are “literally Satan’s daughters.”