Sandy Rios: Calls For NYC To Move “Forward Together” After Terror Attack Are From The Communist Playbook

American Family Association radio shrieker Sandy Rios is very upset that the West Village Halloween Parade went on as planned yesterday, despite the terror attack that took place just hours earlier.

Jared Holt has the quote at Right Wing Watch:

“I saw men, people, marching in the parade with horror masks and blood dripping down and I thought, you know, something is not quite right here. This is all just wicked. It’s just wicked. Now we’re free to march in the streets with blood-dripping masks and carrying skulls, so that’s what the mayor and the governor encouraged people to continue to do. I just think they’re missing the point. As I heard the governor speak yesterday, Cuomo, he kept saying ‘forward together, forward together.’ Well that was, I believe, an Obama phrase and I think it’s a phrase that comes out of—again—the old communist playbook.”

In its 44 years, the parade has only been canceled once and that was in 2012 because Hurricane Sandy had flooded lower Manhattan and forced a week-long shutdown of public transit.