LOUISIANA: AG Jeff Landry Wins Court Battle To Block Workplace Protections For LGBT State Employees

The New Orleans Times-Picayune reports:

Gov. John Bel Edwards cannot protect the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people working for state government from discrimination, harassment and firing, Louisiana’s First Circuit Court of Appeal ruled Wednesday (Nov. 1). The decision hands Attorney General Jeff Landry, a Republican who challenged the Democratic governor’s policy, a notable victory.

“We do not live under a King in Louisiana; we have a Governor, an independent Attorney General, an elected Legislature, and a Court system who are all involved in the governing of our State,” Landry said in a written statement. “I applaud the professionalism and attention of the Court of Appeal in these matters.”

The First Circuit decision is unlikely to settle the dispute, one of a series between the governor and attorney general since they took office in January 2016. The case will almost certainly be taken to the Louisiana Supreme Court for consideration.

“Discrimination in state government and by state contractors is wrong, makes us weaker, and is bad for business and economic development,” Edwards said in a written statement. “Even President Trump agrees, as he has kept in place a federal executive order which is virtually identical to the order I put in place.”

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