Linda Harvey: Satan Loves Anal Sex

Linda Harvey writes for World Net Daily:

Anal sex is demonic. There’s no other way to understand it. Using the anus as a substitute vagina is a desire from the pit of hell. This is not cool. It’s sexual suicide and human depravity gone mainstream. The anus is not a genital, and of course, this act mocks the creation of new life. It is essentially the opposite. In the human body, the anus is a death site.

The anus is the point of exit for the body’s waste disposal system, with all the attributes of decay, including a wealth of bacteria and foul odor. And the rectum cannot accommodate the activity of intercourse without the high probability of injury.

Only bizarre lusts prompt the use of this part of our anatomy as a substitute vagina. It’s a complete farce, typical of Satan. But then, homosexuality is a farce built around posing and substitution. So is gender rebellion.

Anal sex is degrading and totally unnecessary for sexual pleasure. Like all sex acts before or outside marriage, no Christian should ever be going here. Even in marriage, this is a sinful, ungodly act that literally and symbolically points to death.