World Net Daily Has The Phoenix Sadz

Yesterday I reported that the anti-LGBT hate group Alliance Defending Freedom has been smacked down in their preliminary attempt to overturn Phoenix’s LGBT rights ordinance. Today World Net Daily reacts in typical fashion:

A Superior Court judge in Arizona has adopted the position that “gay” rights outweigh the First Amendment’s protection for the “free exercise of religion” in a key case that could add printers and a wide range of other service providers to the cake bakers, photographers and venues already being ordered to provide homosexual wedding services even if it violates the owners’ faith.

The preliminary decision comes from Karen Mullins in a fight over a Phoenix ordinance that specifies that businesses cannot make decisions based on their Christian faith when it comes to homosexual wedding services. WND has documented the multitude of similar cases involving those other businesses, Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado, Melissa’s Sweetcakes in Oregon and the like.

Jonathan Scruggs, of the Alliance Defending Freedom, representing the artists, said, “Artists shouldn’t be threatened with jail time and other penalties simply for making art that is consistent with their beliefs. That’s why we asked the court to suspend enforcement of the Phoenix ordinance against our clients while their case goes forward. Because the city must allow artists the freedom to make personal decisions about what art they will and will not create, and because the ordinance’s additional requirement that artists stay quiet about their views is clearly unjust and unlawful, we intend to appeal the court’s decision.”