Pastor James Manning: TV Gives You Cancer [VIDEO]

Last week Harlem hate Pastor James David Manning met with Donald Trump and followed up that meeting with a promise to murder the families of any protesters that disrupt his church. And then piss on their graves. Today Pastor Manning would like you to know that watching pharmaceutical commercials will give you cancer.

“I’ve noticed too many people getting sick around the church. What is this? These people getting sick? Doesn’t make any sense. But watching television you gonna see them cancer promos – all those drugs sales – you gonna think, ‘Maybe I need to try them drugs.’ Next thing you know you go to the doctor, doctor say you got cancer. You got it from television! You didn’t cancer from poor health. You can cancer from television! You got cancer from watching cancer on television! We gotta do something about this!”

Start at 15:00 below. Bonus mention of Starbucks’ semen lattes shortly after.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: In the past year Manning has declared that Starbucks laces their lattes with “sodomite semen” (which can get women pregnant), that former President George H.W. Bush has had “anal sex with 100 men,” that all gay Americans will “become cannibals” by next year, that Islamists are justified to execute homosexuals, that Justin Bieber is a transgender man, that Christian preachers should call gay men “faggots” as often as possible, and that Supreme Court justices are being blackmailed by their gay lovers. Other anti-gay figures that have appeared on Manning’s show include Peter LaBarbera.