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GOP House Rep. Dana Rohrabacher: People Should Be Able To Refuse To Sell Their Homes To “Immoral” Gays

The Orange County Register reports: U.S. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher told a group of Realtors last week that homeowners should be able to refuse to sell their property to gays and lesbians, a statement that cost him the support of a key national Realtor group. “Every homeowner should be able to make a decision not to sell their home to someone ...

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GOP Rep: Liberals Paid Civil War Reenactors To Pose As Charlottesville Nazis To “Put Trump On The Spot”

The Los Angeles Times reports: Rep. Dana Rohrabacher says Democrats, not white supremacists, are to blame for the deadly violence in Charlottesville, Va., last month. “It’s all baloney,” Rohrabacher told the San Francisco Chronicle in an article about his 2018 reelection chances. Rohrabacher, a Republican from Costa Mesa, told the Chronicle he believes a supporter of former presidential candidates Hillary ...

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Screaming Match With Pro-Russia GOP House Rep Forces MSNBC To Cut Off His Microphone [VIDEO]

Mediaite reports: Republican California congressman Dana Rohrabacher, best known for his stridently pro-Russian foreign policy and derided by critics as “Putin’s favorite congressman,” went on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to explosive results Tuesday. The interview immediately turned contentious when host Joe Scarborough started by asking Rohrabacher why the United States was doing nothing while Russia and Syria slaughtered the Syrian people. ...

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