Democrat Flips House Seat Of Anti-LGBT Putin Stooge

Vox reports:

California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, the most pro-Russia Republican in Congress for decades, just lost his seat to Democrat Harley Rouda. The Associated Press called the race for Rouda late on Saturday night.

That’s bad news for the politician who’s been referred to as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “favorite congressman.” Rohrabacher used secret documents from Moscow to remove a Kremlin enemy’s name from a global anti-corruption law and has boasted about drunkenly arm-wrestling Putin in the 1990s. The FBI worried that Russian spies wanted to recruit him.

Even Rohrabacher’s own party knows how close he is to Russia. “There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump,” Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy said in 2016. He later claimed it was a joke.

The New York Times reports:

Democrats have focused on seven seats in California that were controlled by Republicans. The loss by Mr. Rohrabacher marks the third Democratic victory in those races. On Saturday night, three other races remained too close to call.

Josh Harder, a Democrat, was ahead of Representative Jeff Denham by 1.9 percentage points in the 10th District.

Representative Mimi Walters, a Republican, was leading Katie Porter by 0.9 percentage point in the 45th District. And Young Kim, a Republican, was beating Gil Cisneros by 1.4 percentage points in a race to replace Representative Ed Royce, a Republican who is retiring from the 39th District seat.

Rohrabacher last appeared on JMG for declaring that it should be legal to refuse to sell homes to LGBT Americans. That cost him the endorsement of the 1.2 million member Realtors Association. Last year Rohrabacher claimed that liberals had paid Civil War reenactors to pose as Nazis in Charlottesville.