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Notice Anything About The Senate Trumpcare Team?

Quartz reports: The day after the American Health Care Act (AHCA) was passed in the US House of Representatives, a group of Republican senators are at work on a version they hope will pass in the Senate. The revisions are expected to be so substantial that the senators crafting the legislation are reportedly not even bothering starting with the text …

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WISCONSIN: Gov. Scott Walker Considers Opting Out Of Pre-Existing Conditions Rule Under Trumpcare

Because he’s a monster. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports: Gov. Scott Walker said Friday he would consider having Wisconsin opt out of the pre-existing condition policies under the Affordable Care Act, depending on the final version of legislation headed to the U.S. Senate. The Republican governor stressed that the Senate was likely to make significant changes to the bill the House …

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US House Votes To Advance Obamacare Repeal, All Democrats And Nine GOP Reps Vote In Opposition

CNN reports: House Speaker Paul Ryan, who took to the House floor in a rare move to argue for the end of Obamacare, noted his opposition to the measure when it was first debated and said that Republicans were now sending in the “rescue” team. Shortly before the House was scheduled to vote to advance the measure, House Democratic Leader …

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