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Chuck Woolery, The Game Show David Duke

Newsweek reports: Chuck Woolery, the well-coiffed former Wheel of Fortune and Love Connection host, has recently complained that his right-wing views have prevented him from finding work in Hollywood. His foray, via Twitter, into the complex relationship between the European Jewish diaspora, German philosophy and the rise of socialism in 20th century Russia is unlikely to have Burbank’s best producers …

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Faded Game Show Host Chuck Woolery Lies Again About Same-Sex Marriage

Former game show host Chuck Woolery makes his living these days with middle-of-the-night infomercials for the Willow Curve, which claims to cure a host of joint ailments with blinking lights. In yesterday’s podcast to his followers in Teabagistan, Woolery repeats the ridiculous lie that churches will lose their tax-exempt status if they refuse to host same-sex marriages. It’s worth noting …

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Chuck Woolery: I’m Still A Total Douche

Woolery fails to mention that gays are the best game show creators, as the only reason anybody in the world even knows his name is because Merv Griffin gave him that Wheel Of Fortune gig in 1975. These days he can be found hawking real estate in 4AM infomercials.

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