Chuck Woolery: Being A Trump Cultist Ruined My Career

Fox News reports:

Supporting President Trump and taking a conservative stance in public ruined Chuck Woolery’s career and got him shadow-banned from Twitter, said the former game show host on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday. Woolery tweeted about his personal political beliefs last week and claimed he paid a heavy professional price for simply expressing how he felt. “My career kind of phased into commercial life. So I have several companies I represent. And they are bombarded,” he said.

“These people sit in their basement, and they make it look like there are thousands of people complaining about Chuck Woolery or about the products and who he represents — and ‘how could you let this fascist, racist guy represent your company’ — when none of it is true. And these are the same people by the way who I get on Twitter [saying] ‘I watched you when I was growing up. I loved you… What happened to you?'”

A couple of years ago, after a string of his anti-LGBT tweets, I pointed out to Woolery that nobody in the world would even know his name were it not for the gay man who gave him his first hosting job, Merv Griffin. Woolery immediately blocked me.

Currently he runs a website called Blunt Force Truth where he dutifully parrots all the Infowars-style talking points of the extreme right fever swamp.