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CHAD: Parliament Votes To Criminalize Homosexuality

Erasing 76 Crimes reports: The parliament in the north-central African country of Chad has adopted a new penal code that makes homosexual activity a crime. By this blog’s count, that action, assuming that it is not blocked by the country’s president, increases to 77 the number of countries with anti-homosexuality laws. Chad’s new law provides for violators to be fined …

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CHAD: Parliament To Get Bill That Calls For 20 Year Sentence For Homosexuality

The national legislature for the central African nation of Chad will soon consider a bill that calls for a 20-year prison sentence for homosexuality, which is presently legal there. Pink News reports: According to AFP, proposed legislation has already been adopted by the country’s cabinet which would punish gay sex with up to 20 years in prison. It is yet …

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