Yet Another QAnon Podcaster Dies Of Something

Sorry Anti-Vaxxer reports:

According to social media posts, Cirsten Tien Soong Weldon died from COVID. Cirsten is a well known Qanon Conspiracy “Qtuber” who does live feed shows and posts on Telegram. She wrote “Intel Drops” which is a conspiracy theory laden book she claims was a Amazon best seller until Amazon “killed it” by removing it.

She is sometimes listed as an actress, but her only roles listed on IMDB were as “girl in a car” in The Doors, and “an agent’s girlfriend” in Hard to Die – she was topless in both scenes.

She was once featured in Newsweek for claiming that Hillary Clinton died of “Kuru” which is a disease you can get from eating human infected brains and that Angela Merkel is in “stage 3” of the same disease.

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As you’ll see, Weldon appeared on podcasts with recently dead QAnon nutbag Doug Kuzma and homocon “singer” Ricky Rebel, who is popular in Trump land for his song “MAGA” – which is sung to the tune of “YMCA.”