Mike Lindell: 200M Americans Have Refused The Vax, It’s The Mark Of The Beast, It’s Killing People [VIDEO]

“Steve, he [Biden] said there’s 80 million people not vaccinated. Well, gee, that’s kind of funny. That’s how many votes Donald Trump really got.

“You know, it’s probably more like 200 million people aren’t vaccinated. I don’t know a Christian out there that I know that’s going to get vaccinated because it’s actually – you know, I’ve said it before – it’s the mark of the beast.

“If you want to take that vaccination, you go ahead. But don’t worry about what I do then, because all of us that don’t want to take it, we risk each other. I feel I’m more at risk.

“I know more people that have died from taking it than didn’t take it. I have lawyers looking into this. I’ve got so many lawyers.

“I’m supposed to sit there at the door and say, have you been vaccinated? I’m not going to do it. I mean, I’m not. I’m an employer and I think I put it right out there.

“Whatever happens to MyPillow, I’m not going to have a company anyway unless I stand up for our Constitution now. – Mike Lindell, today on Steve Bannon’s webcast.