Fox Host: I Won’t Get Vaccine And You Can’t Make Me

“Not one Democrat or Democrat-celebrated health or science official has said the vaccines will end the mask requirements.

“You know what? I personally will not get the vaccine and I personally will not be forced to get it. If you want to get it, by all means, please do.

“If you want to wear one, two or five masks while driving or walking alone, by all means, please do.

“But how dare the government or anyone else tell me how to live my life or mandate I take a shot to live and work in what I thought was this free country.

“That’s a no from me, dog.” – Fox Nation host and noted virologist Tomi Lahren, on last night’s show.

Lahren last appeared on JMG when she ridiculed President Biden for wearing a mask, saying that he “might as well carry a purse.”