GOP Rep: My Wife Has The Gift Of Premonition And She Dreamed About Feds Seizing Guns, Food In Our Home

The Hill reports:

Democratic Louisiana House candidate Rob Anderson is fundraising off of opponent Rep. Clay Higgins’s (R) Friday claim that his wife has “the gift of premonition” and woke up this week crying over a dream of a dystopian future.

Higgins tweeted Friday that his wife dreamed that “Federal squads were in our home seizing guns, knives, ‘unauthorized foods’ and stored water.” “Becca awoke crying,” he tweeted. “What happened to our freedom? She asked. What indeed.”

Higgins last appeared on JMG when he threatened to shoot Black Lives Matter protesters who dared to open carry.

Before that he appeared on JMG when he made a pro-military video from inside an Auschwitz gas chamber. YouTube deleted the clip after an outcry from Jewish groups.