NYPD Union Boss Appears On Fox With #QAnon Mug

Axios reports:

The head of the New York Police Department’s second-largest police union gave a television interview Friday afternoon while sitting in front of a mug emblazoned with QAnon imagery and slogans. The mug was positioned behind Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, during a roughly seven-minute interview on Fox News.

The mug behind Mullins featured the word “QANON” and the hashtag #WWG1WGA, which stands for “where we go one, we go all,” a popular slogan among QAnon supporters. At the center of the mug was a large letter Q, which refers to a supposed government insider who, according to QAnon supporters, posts cryptic clues on the Internet about the “deep state.”

The Huffington Post reports:

The head of one of New York City’s largest police unions appeared on Fox News twice this week with a “QAnon” coffee mug but claims to have no knowledge of the extremist cult.  Reached by phone after his Fox News appearance Friday afternoon, Mullins claimed neither the mug nor the office belonged to him. He also claimed to have “no idea” what QAnon was.

Mullins said the office “wasn’t even in New York” but wouldn’t tell HuffPost where it was or to whom it belonged. He also wouldn’t say whether the office belongs to the Sergeants Benevolent Association. “You see the red-white-and-blue flag behind me?” he said. “Why don’t you talk about that? This is ridiculous,” he added before hanging up.

From Mullins’ last appearance on JMG:

The president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, New York City’s second-largest police union, says he should not face consequences for circulating an explicitly racist video in which black people are referred to as “monsters” and public housing as a “war zone”—because it was an “honest mistake.”

On Wednesday, Ed Mullins denied having listened to the video in full before sending it out to thousands of officers.

He told Gothamist that his emphatic endorsement had been “furnished” by a close friend, a retired NYPD sergeant and “pretty sharp guy,” whose name he declined to share. The union’s reason for disseminating the video was “purely tactical,” he said.