Christian Site: Demons Are Making You Fat [VIDEO]

Steve Greene writes for Charisma News:

Are you craving a Snickers candy bar or a bacon-walnut-icing-covered extra-long doughnut or a triple-cheese Big Mac with super-sized fries? Just wait for your cheat day.

After all, you’ve earned it. Go ahead, eat it all. We’ve been deceived by diets that not only permit but encourage us to take a day off of our diets and eat massive quantities of any food we desire.

Dr. Mark Sherwood told me in a recent Greenelines podcast, “I am convinced that it’s a deception that has moved demonically into us, and we ignore the process of feeding the body what it needs. We have to understand the deception that says, ‘I can cheat on the weekend. I can have a cheat meal.'”