Dennis Prager: “Joyless Leftists” Hate Christmas

“The left is joyless. Whatever and whomever the left influences has less joy in life. I have met happy and unhappy liberals, and happy and unhappy conservatives, but I’ve never encountered a happy leftist.

“And the further left you go, the more angry and unhappy the people you will encounter.

“Happy women and happy blacks, for example, are far more likely to be conservative than on the left. Christmas is just too happy for the left. ‘Holly, jolly’ is not a left-wing term.” – Dennis Prager, from his latest column.

Prager recently appeared on JMG when he declared LGBT activism is worse than slavery.

That same week he claimed that young men grow beards because “the left has crapped on masculinity.”

Prior to that we quoted his declaration that “leftism makes people meaner.”

And before that, he was quoted here when he told his followers that sending their children to college will only “alienate them from Jesus and America.”

Prager’s “No Safe Spaces” movie is currently flopping in theaters nationwide, grossing only $76K this weekend in its 7th week of release.