Limbaugh: Fewer Men Are Attending College Because Just By Showing Up They’re “Automatically Predators”

“You look at the percentage of men versus women in higher education. 65% — on average — 65% female, 35% male in college. Why? Men don’t want to put up with what happens on campuses. They walk and they show up and they’re automatically predators.

“Meanwhile, the girls are all being force-fed feminist studies and extolled the virtues of lesbianism and transgenderism and all these things that are counter to the natural order of human existence because they’re all being propelled by a political agenda that many people do not know is behind what’s being taught in feminist studies or LGBTQ studies or UFO studies or how to get to the moon with Elon Musk studies or whatever the hell studies are being taught.

“And I just — I wonder what’s the answer to it? How do you fix a bunch of Mao education? It’s not uneducated — we’re talking about people that have degrees, we’re talking about people who have gone to college.” – Rush Limbaugh, on today’s show.