Right Wing National Review: Prosecute Jacob Wohl

Yesterday I reported that notorious Trump cultist and now-banned Twitter troll Jacob Wohl has reported a death threat to the Minneapolis police. As multiple sites have pointed out, the threat came from a Twitter account that Wohl himself had created.

Enter the right wing National Review:

I said it about Jussie Smollett, and I’ll say it again now: Faking any kind of violence — verbal or physical — against yourself just to get attention or clicks is not only pathetic, but it also hurts real victims. After all, racism and homophobia (which were apparently faked in the case of Smollett) and harassment of right-wing people for their political beliefs (which was apparently faked in the case of Wohl) are very real things.

In a climate where political harassment is a real problem, the actions of Wohl have hurt real victims. Wohl should be prosecuted for this reason, as well as because he clearly wasted the valuable time of Minneapolis law enforcement. Liberal or conservative, it’s important for all of us to unite and condemn Wohl’s actions. That way, the next time some idiotic narcissist is tempted to fake an attack for attention, maybe he or she will decide against it and just post a selfie on Instagram like a normal person instead.

Wohl and fellow troll Laura Loomer wore bulletproof vests as they tooled around Minneapolis to “serve an affidavit” to Rep. Ilhan Omar in their quest to prove that she secretly married her brother, one of the loonier conspiracy theories that has burbled up from the sewers of the Trump World fever swamps.