Trump Cultist Jacob Wohl Sent Himself Death Threats

Will Sommer reports at The Daily Beast:

Right-wing personality Jacob Wohl appears to have faked death threats against himself. One of those threats came via direct message from a Twitter account called @Drakehomes612, who described himself as a Minneapolis “diversity coordinator.”

“I hope you fuckin know that if [I] bump into you in Dinkytown or anywhere else in my city I’m going shoot you and shit on your fucking bodies,” the account wrote to Wohl’s team. “Get that fuck out my city you piece of shit. Now.”

As journalist Tony Webster first reported, though, @Drakehomes612 isn’t real. Instead, he’s one of the fake accounts Wohl created in the run-up to his Twitter ban.

You’ll totally enjoy the full story at the link. Twitter has been having a field day and Wohl is currently trending at #1.