Starnes: ABC Canceled Roseanne Because They Hate Her Audience Of Flag-Waving, Gun-Toting Trump Fans

Canned ham spokesmodel Todd Starnes is so predictable:

I contend ABC privately despised the program and they were just looking for a reason to cancel. Think about it — their highest rated program attracted a huge audience of gun-toting, flag-waving, blue collar Trump supporters. And I believe that embarrassed network executives.

“ABC set to dial back political humor from pro-Trump ‘Roseanne’ next season,” a recent Fox News headline declared. ABC entertainment president Channing Dungey told reporters they were going to stay “away from politics” and focus “toward family.” Matt Drudge responded by tweeting, “Corporate cannibals stripping Roseanne of her fun.”

ABC was basically telling journalists they were going to tone down all the rhetoric that appealed to Middle America – the people Hollywood dismisses as xenophobic and homophobic and racists. And that’s why ABC canceled ‘Roseanne.’ They could not stomach the show’s viewers.