EVAPORATING TUMORS: Trump Spiritual Advisor Paula White To Do Mass Faith Healing Of Cancer Patients

The Christian Post reports:

President Donald Trump’s spiritual adviser and televangelist Paula White is set to join gospel singer Vicki Yohe and controversial Pastor David E. Taylor of Joshua Media Ministries International at a cancer-busting miracle crusade this summer that organizers promise will be “huge.” “We’re expecting thousands. It’s gonna be huge,” JMMI Minister Anthony Moreaux told The Christian Post after he was asked about a flyer for the event.

Minister Moreaux told CP that he has personally witnessed healings at the miracle crusade against cancer which has been happening for a number of years. “I have seen hundreds healed,” Moreaux said. “It is unreal. I’ve literally seen it with my own two eyes. People coming with tumors, coming back and testifying with medical reports in their hands that tumors have evaporated from their bodies.

When asked if he could provide verifiable evidence of cancers that have been healed at the crusades, Moreaux promised to send select testimonies but they were not received at press time. Taylor regularly hosts miracle crusades and claimed in August 2016 that he raised a woman from the dead through a message sent to her on Facebook.

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