Infowars: Adolf Hitler Is Alive And The Feds Know It

“It’s amazing, here we are, so much news and the news is so big and the news is so frequent that the biggest news every day becomes a back-page story the next day. The Las Vegas massacre cover-up, nothing. The JFK files being declassified, Hitler still alive. All the history textbooks lied to us. I was lied to my entire life about JFK, knowingly, by my government. I was lied to my entire life about Hitler, knowingly, by my government. And that’s just a nonstory now because you’ve got another radical truck running people down in the streets.” – Owen Shroyer, opening yesterday’s Alex Jones Show.

In recent weeks InfoWars has claimed that Michelle Obama is transgender, that Satanic cannibals are controlling Hollywood, and that American children are being kidnapped and sent to slave colonies on Mars. And their millions of daily viewers believe every fucking word. Owen Shroyer, not incidentally, is the guy who was ridiculed as a “fucking idiot” by a ten year-old girl in a clip that went wildly viral.