Former GOP House Rep. Aaron Schock Petitions Federal Appeals Court For Dismissal Of All Corruption Charges

The Peoria Journal-Star reports:

Attorneys for former U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock have appealed an order last week that threw out two but not all of the charges against him. The move could place the Jan. 22 trial date in the Urbana courtroom of U.S. District Judge Colin Bruce in jeopardy as such appeals can freeze the proceedings until they are resolved. But the appellate court could opt not to hear the matter as well.

The charges and the nearly 18-month battle regarding two grand juries investigating the case have produced reams of motions and filings. On Oct. 23, a judge ruled on several pending motions to dismiss the charges. He threw out two charges but left the other 22 in play. As expected, Schock’s attorneys appealed the order to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago in the hope it will either override the judge and toss the case completely or send it back for further review.

RELATED: In August, Schock’s legal team accused the feds of prosecutorial misconduct after they questioned his associates as to whether he is gay. The questioning apparently arose due to hotel and travel expenses that may have been for his male “personal photographer.”