Trump Team Reduced To Purchasing Targeted Facebook Ads To Promote Inauguration Attendance [VIDEO]

Raw Story reports:

President-elect Donald Trump has been having a hard time convincing people his inauguration on Friday, Jan. 20 is a worthy event to attend. Trump shared a video on his Facebook page just days before his swearing in to the highest office of the United States, with a key message, “See you on January 20th.”

Now the president-elect turns to targeted advertising to make a last-minute plea to Americans that they should attend his inauguration. If you’re seeing ads on your Facebook, it might be because you are within the range of people he is trying to reach. One demographic included “people ages 27 and older.” That’s what Marina Cockenberg of The Tonight Show learned.

Cockenberg tweeted a screenshot of the ad on Monday night. Trump’s original post read, “Would you like an invite to the Inaugural Welcome Concert and Inaugural Swearing-In Ceremony?” Cockenberg shared the image with the caption, “imagine being so disliked that 4 days before your inauguration you start paying to send desperate FB ad invites to ‘person, 27+.’”