Ben Shapiro Has The Benghazi Hearing Sadz

“The media have declared Hillary the big victor. That was pre-ordained, of course; as I wrote last night, Vice President Joe Biden’s withdrawal made it inevitable that the media would coronate Hillary and then protect their liege. That doesn’t mean Republicans did a good job. They made a number of key errors that helped the media cast Hillary as a victim rather than the perpetrator of one of the worst State Department fiascos in American history. [snip] Republicans were so concerned yesterday about how the hearings looked to the public that they forgot that the main audience for the hearings was not on CSPAN – it is the millions of Americans who will only read headlines, or see attack ads on both sides. The purpose of the committee isn’t to ‘get’ Hillary Clinton – it’s to hold those responsible for Benghazi responsible. And that includes Hillary Clinton. With that in mind, they should have treated Hillary just as they would have treated any other hostile witness: with directness, aggressiveness, and back-to-basics questions Americans could understand.” – Ben Shapiro, writing for Breitbart.