BarbWire Headline Of The Day

The “breaking news” is that Paul Ryan voted for ENDA eight years ago, therefore he hates Jesus. Linda Harvey must be on Eugene Delgaudio’s mailing list. She wails:

Is this a trick? It’s certainly not a treat. America may be handed a Speaker who will open the door for the “gay” lobby to achieve its fondest dream, even beyond marriage. It is highly likely prospective House Speaker Paul Ryan would support the homosexual “civil rights” bill, H.R. 3185, because he cast a vote for its younger sister, ENDA, in 2007. And he apparently thinks people are born homosexual because he has “gay” friends. Such appalling ignorance or blindness is completely unacceptable in the leader of the House of Representatives. We need to try in the next few days to urge our reps to vote against Paul Ryan for this reason, among others. The authority to silence believers that the “Equality Act” would provide Christ’s enemies would leap beyond homosexuality and gender confusion. It’s tyranny and only we the people rising up and saying NO will stop this.

Ryan is expected to win the Speaker’s gavel easily.