This Is An Ad For Something [VIDEO]

Going viral today is a rather amazing recreation of the famed Animal House toga party scene. AdWeek has the details:

Nike celebrates its deep ties to the University of Oregon in a new, feel-good ad—featuring a horde of notable alumni (mostly sports stars, but also Modern Family actor Ty Burrell and ESPN anchor Neil Everett)—that recreates the famous toga-party scene from the 1978 National Lampoon classic. Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota, now playing as a quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, arguably has the best role, standing in for John Belushi as resident guitar smasher. Wieden + Kennedy Portland created the spot, which clocks in at almost five and a half minutes—thanks in large part to the extensive freeze-frame credits, another stylistic nod to the movie (and a necessary exercise for viewers who haven’t memorized the history of one college’s sports heroes). Nike released the spot to coincide with Saturday’s college football game in Lansing between the Oregon Ducks and the Michigan State Spartans, who edged out the visiting team 31-28. But the ad is anything but a wasted effort, acting as a standalone paean to Nike’s long history with the college.

Animal House was largely filmed in Eugene, home to the University of Oregon. And yes, that’s the original Otis Day. The clip has 1.3 million views at this writing.

RELATED: Ty Burrell is playing the role originated by out actor Tom Hulce, who went on to score an Oscar nomination for Amadeus and to win a Tony as the producer of Spring Awakening.

UNRELATED: Several weeks after Animal House opened in 1978, I hosted a toga party in my apartment just off the UCF campus. The cops came three times. I was so proud.