Janet Porter: Fire “Activist” Shepard Smith [VIDEO]

Loony tunes evangelist and hilariously failed would-be social media maven Janet Porter has launched a campaign which calls on Fox News to fire anchor Shepard Smith for dissing Kim Davis.  Via BarbWire:

While the tag line is “fair and balanced,” Fox New’s Shepard Smith’s coverage of Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, who was jailed for her faith, was more like “unfair and biased.” After disparaging her character berating her for previous marriages before she was saved four years ago, Smith interjected talking points from the homosexual agenda such as, “Haters gonna hate.” He repeatedly said that Christians following their conscience and obeying God’s word on the issue of homosexuality was “tried before” “in the South” comparing Christians who won’t bow to the homosexual agenda, to racists. It’s time for Fox to go back to fair and balanced journalism and fire activist Shepard Smith. Ask for Roger Ailes when you dial: 212-301-3000.

Here’s the clip.

RELATED: Earlier this year Porter released a viciously anti-gay “documentary” titled Light Wins. The film stars Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, and Ted Shoebat, the last of whom this week called for executing gays, atheists, feminists, and Muslims.