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American Family Association: If You Aren’t Devoted To Jesus Christ, You’re A “Traitor” To The United States


Kyle Mantyla reports at Right Wing Watch: On his program yesterday, American Family Radio’s Bryan Fischer declared that any American who is “working to oppose Christianity and oppose the public acknowledgement of the Ten Commandments” is a “traitor.” Fischer framed his assertion by citing this quote from George Washington’s Farewell Address: Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to ...

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One Million Moms: We Killed TV Land’s Impastor


It only took them two years to get a low-rated show canceled! Praise White Jesus! Via email: Dear Joe, Victory! “Impastor” has officially been cancelled after only two seasons. 1MM asked TV Land network to cancel this sacrilegious and sex-filled program and followed with an email campaign urging sponsors to pull their support. Public outcry and lack of advertisers played ...

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American Family Association: Trump Should Project “Merry Christmas” Onto The White House [VIDEO]


The American Family Association thinks it would be wonderful if Trump would project the words “Merry Christmas” onto the front of the White House. Kyle Mantyla reports at Right Wing Watch: After a short discussion in which [AFA president Tim] Wildmon asserted that “progressives” should really be referred to as “God haters” who have nothing but disdain for conservatives and ...

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One Million Moms Calls On Their Followers To Attack Children’s Magazine For Daring To Depict Gay Families


Just in via email from Monica Cole: Where is the last place parents would suspect their kiddos to be exposed to same-sex “families” portrayed as normal? In the current controversy, Highlights magazine decided to include same-sex families in their magazines. Babies and preschoolers will soon be introduced to this sensitive topic in the Highlights line of magazines. Parents are seeing ...

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CONNECTICUT: Gay State Comptroller Moves To Boot American Family Association From Charities List


From the American Family Association’s OneNewsNow site: State employees in Connecticut could be denied the opportunity to contribute to a qualified charity after the state comptroller became personally offended by the group’s biblical stance on marriage. In a November 30 letter to American Family Association president Tim Wildmon, comptroller Kevin Lembo notes what he calls AFA’s “so-called attempts to protect ...

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One Million Moms Calls On Supporters To Harass Zales Managers Over Same-Sex Wedding Commercial


Just in from Monica Cole: Zales Jewelers should be ashamed of attempting to normalize sin by featuring two women getting married in their latest commercial. It shows two women in wedding gowns exchanging vows and wedding bands. Zales is promoting same-sex marriage and their new “Love and Pride” Collection. The “Love and Pride” wedding band collection, designed for the LGBTQ ...

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AFA Issues Anti-Christian Holiday Boycott List: Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Foot Locker, Nordstrom, Others


Via press release from the American Family Association: As the 2016 Christmas shopping season begins full swing, AFA has prepared its annual Naughty or Nice retailer list. We have taken the top national retailers and reviewed their websites, media advertising and in-store signage in an effort to help you know which companies are Christmas-friendly. There are secular forces in our ...

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INDIANA: Haters Win First Battle To Overturn Local LGBT Rights Ordinances And Legalize Discrimination


The Indianapolis Star reports: Conservatives overcame the first hurdle in their lawsuit that aims to overturn the “fix” to Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act and four city ordinances that protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people from discrimination. In an order issued Wednesday, Hamilton Superior Judge Steven R. Nation rejected claims from the cities of Indianapolis, Carmel, Bloomington and Columbus ...

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Target Stock Soars On Latest Earnings Report


Remember loony Janet Porter’s plot to disrupt Target’s back-to-school sales? Oops. Via Fortune: The discount retailer’s shares rose 9% in pre-market trading on Wednesday after it reported a much smaller than expected decline in comparable sales and posted strong e-commerce growth. As a result, Target has raised its full year profit and sales forecast. The retailer’s strong third-quarter performance is ...

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One Million Moms: Fast And Pray On November 7th That God Forgives America For Our Evil Wickedness


Just in from Monica Cole: 1MM is joining countless churches, organizations, and individuals in calling for a national day of prayer and fasting. It is time that we, as Christians, recognize our need to repent of our own wickedness and cry out to the Lord for forgiveness – and that He might heal our broken land (2 Chronicles 7:14). We ...

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Ben Carson: Gay Marriage Will Bring “Mass Killings”


On Friday the American Family Association cosponsored an event called the Pensmore National Symposium on Religious Liberty. In the audience was Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and headlining the event was Dr. Stabby, who had some typically insane things to say. The Springfield News-Leader reports: Outside the college were the letters “RLM” and a cross covered with American flags. The ...

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One Million Moms Vs TV Land [VIDEO]


Monica Cole is having a busy week: Dear Joe, TV Land continues to air the sacrilegious program “Impastor” on Wednesday evenings at 10:30 p.m. ET/9:30 p.m. CT. It revolves around Buddy Dobbs, a gambling, pot-smoking slacker, on the run from a loan shark, who steals a man’s identity and ends up posing as the new gay pastor in a small, ...

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Sandy Rios: Hillary Will Force Christians Who Oppose Same-Sex Marriage Into Reeducation Camps [AUDIO]


Brian Tashman reports at Right Wing Watch: Today, American Family Association officials Sandy Rios and Tim Wildmon urged conservatives wary of supporting Donald Trump to come aboard the Trump train, warning of dire consequences if Hillary Clinton is elected president. “Illegal immigrants are pouring over the southern border even as we speak,” Rios, the group’s director of governmental affairs, warned ...

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One Million Moms Vs H&M [VIDEO]


Just in from Monica Cole: 1MM is not sure of H&M clothing company’s thought process behind their new television ad, but if they are attempting to offend customers and families, they have succeeded. H&M’s newest “She’s A Lady” commercial includes what appears to be a man dressed as a woman in one segment, another woman wearing skimpy lingerie, and ends ...

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One Million Moms Vs Rue21


Just in from Monica Cole: 1MM typically focuses on issues that air on television, but there is one other issue we cannot ignore: inappropriate ads and giant posters in storefront windows. Next time you are out shopping, you will get much more than you bargained for and not in a good way. Rue21 is currently posting in BIG letters on ...

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American Family Association: Hillary’s Illness Shows “Demons Have Attached Themselves To Her” [VIDEO]


Kyle Mantyla reports at Right Wing Watch: On his radio program yesterday, Bryan Fischer took a call from a listener who floated the theory that Hillary Clinton’s recent bout of pneumonia was really a sign that a demon “has latched on to her.” While Fischer was not able to diagnose whether Clinton’s illness was demonic in nature, he did say ...

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One Million Moms Vs Kraft Heinz


Just via press release: Dear Joe, Devour microwave meals, owned by The Kraft Heinz Company, is offending families with not one but two inappropriate commercials. Both ads use s-xual innuendo and suggestive language. Parents find this type of advertising disgusting particularly since they air during the day and prime time when children are likely watching. In “Pool Boy,” a teenager ...

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Sandy Rios: Trump Is America’s Last Chance To Honor God And Stop These Third World Socialist Immigrants


The American Family Association today noted Hillary Clinton’s continuing lead on the electoral college map, prompting Sandy Rios to wring her probably botoxed hands. Via the AFA’s OneNewsNow: Rios admits it is tough right now for the GOP. “Yeah, she’s got a tremendous advantage,” Rios concedes. “States have gone blue because of this influx of immigrants from Third World countries ...

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TOMORROW: Trump Speaks To Anti-LGBT Hate Groups That Advocate For Criminalizing Homosexuality


Tomorrow afternoon self-proclaimed “best friend to the gays” Donald Trump will address the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit. In the room will be the leaders of anti-LGBT Christian hate groups that would happily imprison prominent Trump supporters Matt Drudge, Peter Thiel, and Milo Whatisopoulos. That won’t come as a surprise to longtime JMG readers, but here’s a recap from ...

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American Family Association Petitions NFL To Discipline Player For Not Standing During The National Anthem


When Donald Trump says America isn’t great, the right wing wets themselves in adoration. But when a sports star says America isn’t great, he gets deluged with death threats and calls for him to be fired. Enter the American Family Association: As a player who wears a professional football uniform, Kaepernick is a public representative of the National Football League ...

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