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San Diego Police: Killed Cruise Dancer Had Meth, Ketamine In His System

According to autopsy results released yesterday, methamphetamine and ketamine were found in the system of Steven Paul Hirschfield, the go-go dancer shot and killed by San Diego Harbor Police last month after he mysteriously jumped overboard during the gay pride cruise where he had performed. The report also shows that Hirschfield was shot in the back with a police-issued hollow-point ...

Read More » T-Shirt Gets Woman Bounced From CA Social Security Office

Homophobic rent-a-cops strike again. A 31 year-old California woman was booted from the Van Nuys Social Security office because of her t-shirt. A routine trip to the Social Security office Monday turned into 30 minutes of shock, disbelief and irritation for Lapriss Gilbert, who was forced to leave the federal building by a guard who objected to her “” ...

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Gay Mayor Of Paris To Run For President Of France In 2012

Wildly popular Paris mayor Betrand Delanoe has announced that he will seek the leadership of his Socialist Party and afterwards will seek the presidency of France. Delanoe’s declaration in an interview with Le Monde newspaper puts to rest months of speculation. “Yes, I will put all my energy at the service of my beliefs,” the mayor told Le Monde newspaper ...

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Morning View – Worldwide Plaza

Built in 1989 in Hell’s Kitchen, Worldwide Plaza comprises three buildings between 49th and 50th streets on Eighth Avenue. One Worldwide, the tallest at 41 stories, is an office building where major ad agencies live. Ugh, the meetings I’ve had there. The shorter similar building to its left is all condos. A business acquaintance of mine works on the 21st ...

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The Idiocy Of Anne Price-Mills

It killed me that very fucking first person CNN interviewed after Hillary’s speech, before they even allowed the commentators to speak, was ultra diehard PUMA and Hillary delegate Anne Price-Mills, who says that she will still vote for Hillary for the nomination and that she may sit out the general election. DID SHE NOT HEAR THE SPEECH? Watch her sob ...

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Hillary Hits A Home Run At DNC

Quite simply one of the best political speeches I’ve ever seen. Strident when appropriate, soft when needed, but ultimately a complete home run. Let’s hope she turned around a lot of those McCain Democrats. The complete speech is below in three parts.

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